CYK Caviar // December 29th

Regular price $250.00

As good as it gets! The perfect holiday treat is here. Whether you're looking to be an iconic host, favorite guest, or just want to celebrate yourself... you've come to the right place.

CYK has taken the mystery out of caviar and is excited to offer the highest possible quality at the best price. Golden Ossetra is truly the gold standard. Sought after for its rare light gold color and rich texture that melts into an umami finish. 

This package comes with a reusable striped CYK insulated carrier, embossed mother-of-pearl spoon, and a key for unlocking the tin.

Once received, the caviar will stay fresh for 5 days closed, and for 2 days upon opening. Be sure to put your caviar in the fridge as soon as possible to maintain quality! 

Choose between 50g (2-4 people) or 125g (6-8 people)

Please note: this package will arrive on December 29th, 2022 and will need to be refrigerated. 

All CYK Caviar will be complimentary next day delivery. Please note your package will arrive on the day you are purchasing for. All sales are final.