The CDMX List

Mexico City has become one of my favorite places in the world to visit. The food keeps getting better every time and the vibe is great. Everything is pretty reasonable, food / accommodations which makes it a no brainer to visit. 

For Breakfast

  • Klein’s (Mexican Jewish Deli. So good)

  • Panaderia Rosetta (get the honey croissant)
  • Maison Belen
  • Eno (same chef as Pujol)
  • Lalo! (same chef as Maximo Bistro)
  • Niddo Cafe 

For Lunch

  • Contramar 
  • Entremar (sister to contramar if you can’t get in there)
  • Parnita 
  • Cantina Del Bosque
  • La Docena
  • Lardo 
  • Tetelan (reserve Casa Pedregal next door too)
  • El Cardenal (classic)

For Dinner 

  • Maximo Bistrot 
  • Pujol 
  • Rosetta 
  • Botanico
  • Paramo
  • La Unica 
  • Loup Bar

For Sleep 

  • Four Seasons 
  • St. Regis 
  • Condesa DF
  • Las Alcobas
  • Hotel Habita  

For Drinks 

  • Tokyo Music Bar
  • Cicatriz
  • Hugo Wine Bar (oysters are great too)
  • Can Can